Saturday, February 20, 2010

Safety First

I may have been a bit harsh on Rugby Blue. It wasn’t the fact that he wanted anal sex that was so outrageous really. I like a man who is adventurous and knows what he wants and is willing to ask for it. I also know what I want though, and that is most definitely not bum sex. Fair play to him for trying though. The fact that he wanted to do it without a condom was the bigger issue.

Appropriately, to coincide with the debut of this blog, last week was Contraceptive Awareness Week, or “Let’s not have babies or get chlamydia” week, as I interpreted it. If you are going to have sex with multiple partners it should be a given that you use condoms. Not to come off as some NHS advert or anything, but if you learn nothing more from what I’ve written than what I’m about to say then so be it:

No one will want to sleep with you if you have an STI.

How’s that for blowing the lid off things? Pretty obvious you would think, but the amount of men I’ve gone home with who don’t have condoms at hand is frankly appalling. Which is why I have my own. Also, since most guys probably pick up condoms they get for free from their college, having your own also ensures you have the kind that feel the best – which is the ultimate goal of the night anyways: max pleasure. Luckily Durex has condoms called “Max Pleasure,” but personally I prefer the “Feather Lite” ones.

I’d love to stay and chat more about STIs, but I have a big night ahead of me and must go shopping for something sexy. I’m thinking strapless dress and a pack of Feather Lites.

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